Program Evaluation Project

Professional counselors are ethically required to engage in evaluation of the programs that are offered to clients or students. Sometimes this occurs at the agency or school level and involves program review. Other times, these efforts are focused on determining the effectiveness of a local level program. This assignment is designed to broaden your understanding of your role in the program evaluation aspect of professional counseling in the venue of your specialization (mental health counseling or professional school counseling). The project will result in a written report.You will select a local or community based program to evaluate for this paper. You will be required to discover background information on this program to justify evaluative procedures and goals. You will create goals or objectives you want to assess based on the mission and values of the program, target population, program details, and any shared data by the organization about program impact.6 page minimum (include one title and one reference page) APA 7th edition, double spaced, 12 point font. Only Word documents will accepted. Writing must meet graduate academic writing standards. Scholarly and respectful writing required for this assignment.Your report should include the following components:– Program background– The program goals or objectives you want to evaluate/assess– The questions you set out to answer-Design to collect the information.-Sources of that information.-Method(s) for collecting the information including:Sampling proceduresInstrument usedHow data will be collectedHow data will be analyzed