Prima Facie Deontology

Prima Facie Deontology Essay TestConsider the following thought experiment:You are the district attorney for New York. Recently you have acquired evidence proving a Wall Street Executive’s guilt over manipulating the market in his favor. His behavior risks a severe economic recession, if not a full-blown depression. Though the evidence is air tight—i.e. undoubtable—it turns out that the police obtained it without a search warrant. If you do nothing, then the Executive’s behavior will continue, which will make another economic crash a certainty, given enough time. Clearly, you have a duty to prevent a crime of this magnitude. However, bringing the Executive to justice requires you to forge a search warrant, which you have a duty to refrain from doing.Now, respond to the following prompts:In between 1 – 3 paragraphs, give me a general description of Prima Facie Deontology. Your description should include:An explanation of the pluralistic nature of the theory.A description of the various prima facie duties.A brief description of how prima facie deontology operates in practice (hint: what does it mean to prioritize duties?)Make sure you cite any quotations or paraphrases in the MLA Format. I’m expecting you to quote or paraphrase at least a couple times in these paragraphs.Now that you’ve done that, give me 1 paragraph where you apply prima facie deontology to the above thought experiment.In other words, what duties are relevant for this dilemma, and which duty, ultimately takes priority? Why?Lastly, consider some of the criticisms of the theory that you have encountered in our class—either from my lectures or from the class readings.Pick one of these criticisms.In at least one paragraph, explain this criticism. How and why is the criticism you have chosen a problem for prima facie deontology?Make sure to cite any quotations or paraphrases in the MLA format. I’m expecting you to quote or paraphrase at least a couple of times here.