Powerpoint prsentation

Make a powerpoint presentation addressing the key points the paper talks about . Make sure to include tables and figures.Include 10-15 slides
A. List (bullet format) the key points addressed in each of the following sections of your group’s scientific article.
Introduction and background Section (at least 5 key points)
Results Section (at least 6 key points)
Methods (at least 4 key points)
Discussion/Conclusion (at least 4 key points)
Title of research article:
Bifidobacterium species associated with breastfeeding produce aromatic lactic acids in the infant gut. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41564-021-00970-4
Name of journal and date of publication:
Nature Microbiology, October 21, 2021
Authors names (first and last authors only):
Martin F. Laursen, Henrik M. Roager

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