Policy Argumentation Speech

Policy SpeechAs discussed in the first lecture module, a policy claim/argument says that some part of the world should change. For example, the policy claim “The US federal government should legalize cannabis” proposes that the current status quo (where cannabis is currently a federally controlled substance) changes from illegal to legal. In other words, a policy claim/argument will ALWAYS contain a call to action and/or change from the status quo (the current state of the world).For this “policy speech”, you will present and detail a single policy argument where you propose that some part of the world (local, state, country, or world) should change. In other words, the policy speech is similar to the “argumentation paper 1” in terms of the purpose as well as the structure. Just like the previous written assignment, the goal of this speech is to first isolate a current problem that affects some part of the world and second, propose/argue for a solution to resolve the problem.Topic SelectionJust like the argumentation paper, your topic for this speech must be a current issue/problem. The problem can by anything as long as it is current and negatively impacts the planet in some way. For example, students can choose to talk about their solutions to local issues facing the community like homelessness, increasing costs of buying or renting a home, and passing/repealing local or city laws. Students could also choose to tackle an issue on a state or national level like increasing the minimum wage, legalizing controlled substances, or improving our pandemic response. In addition, students are obviously not limited to problems or issues within the US. It is perfectly acceptable for you to discuss a problem and solution affecting another country/part of the world. Lastly, if you do not want to talk about local, state, federal, or specific global issues, students could also choose to discuss problems that affect specific humans regardless of country like medical/health issues, discrimination, or mental/physical wellness.The topic must be different from the one you presented in the argumentation paper.Format· This speech must be between 5-7 min as well as follow the basic argument structure that was discussed in Toulmin model lecture.o Claim (Your assertion or point)o Ground (Evidence proving the assertion/point true)o Warrant (commentary or another source proving that your evidence is true, credible, and/or legitimate)· This speech must have a MINIMUM of two full arguments (claim, ground, warrant) with 2 different sources cited for each “ground” within the speech. I do not need an outline or works cited page to be submitted. Additionally, I am not looking for one specific way for the sources to be cited. Basically, as long as I can identify your 2 sources cited in the speech, you will receive full credit. Lastly, there is not requirement in terms of the type/quality of the source. Where you find sources (website, book, magazine, newspaper etc.) will depend on your speech topic. For example, a speech arguing people to try a new medical/scientific product will most likely have more academic/peer reviewed articles published vs. an argumentation speech convincing people to adopt pets from shelters will most likely have more articles from non-academic sources.· The speech will have three major parts (Intro, Body, Conclusion). In the introduction, you will introduce your problem/issue as well as propose your solution to the problem/issue. The body of the speech will be a minimum of 2 separate arguments which attempts to persuade your audience why your solution to your current world problem should be implemented to alleviate the issue and improve the world. Lastly, you will conclude by reviewing the information you just discussed.OutlineI: Introduction (~1-2 min)a. Introduce your current issue/problem: Start your speech by telling the audience what current issue/problem you are going to discuss and also provide any relevant background on the issue (what is happening, how it affects people, and how the problem started).b. Provide your solution to the problem: Discuss a specific and clear solution to your problem. Just like the paper, the solution can be something that others have suggested or your own solution to the current problem.II: Body: Minimum of 2 different arguments explaining why your solution should be implemented(~3-4 Minutes)a. Claim: In your own words, provide a specific reason why your solution should be implemented to resolve the current issue in the world you are focusing on.b. Grounds/Evidence (Minimum of 1): After you have introduced the body point in your topic sentences, cite and discuss a minimum of 1 source that support or expand on what you just asserted in your claim. You may directly quote the source and/or paraphrase what the source says in your own words. I am not going to be deducting points based on the way you cite/discuss your sources.c. Warrant/Commentary: Discuss why the evidence you just discussed is not only legitimate but also proves why your solution should be implemented to resolve your selected current event issue/problem*all arguments must use the structure above ^III: Conclusion (~1-2 Minutes)a. Restate Topic: Remind the audience of your thesis.b. Review Your Arguments: Briefly review .c. Closing Statement: End with brief closing sentence(s).Example OutlineTopicDealing with the current problem of large amounts of dogs and cats in kill sheltersI. Introductiona. Introduce the topic: Start speech by citing a statistic that 7.6 million dogs and cats are put into a pound/shelter every year in the United States.b. Thesis: To persuade the audience that the best solution for resolving the crisis is for people to adopted from a shelter rather than bought from a pet store or breeder.– In this speech, I will present 2 arguments proving why adopting pets from shelters is the best way to help abandoned dogs and cats.II. Argument 1: The problems with purchasing a pet from a breeder or storeClaim: Millions of dogs and cats are abandoned due to not only over breeding by pet factories but also because many people do not fix their pets.a. Evidence/grounds: According to Paws.org, animals in pet breeding mills are not allowed to mature or develop due to them being separated from their mother and siblings at birth which result in numerous behavior problems. Many people do not want to devote the time and effort to correcting these problems which results in many pets sent to shelters. Additionally the same website adds that non-fixed pets can result in unwanted offspring, who usually are surrendered to shelters.b. Warrant: The previously cited source proves that buying pets from a pet store can not only lets to a pet with behavioral problems and or issues but there is also a large number of perfectly cute baby pets at shelters due to people not spaying/neutering their animals.III. Argument 2: Shelter pets make great companionsa. Claim: Adopting a shelter pet can not only save the life of an abandoned animal but can also provide you with an amazing and caring companion.b. Evidence/Ground: According to Paws4Life.org, most shelter pets are about 2-3 years old on average which means that they are more adjusted than a younger animal. Additionally, most first-time pet owners should adopt an adult pet due to the fact that a baby can be more time/effort than expected. This also decreases the chance that the pet is returned/surrendered. Moreover, the article cited above also states that many shelter pets recognize that they are being rescued and develop deeper and stronger bonds with their human. This can mean that adopting from a shelter can not only be rewarding but also provide a better experience for both the pet and human.c. Warrant: This 2nd argument proves that not only are shelter pets just as good (if not more well-adjusted) than a store bought pet but they can also potentially create deeper and more meaningful bonds due to their experiences prior to being adopted.IV: Conclusiona. Restate Topic: To advocate that people adopt pets from shelters rather than buying them from a pet store or breeder.b. Review Arguments: This speech covered the causes and problems which cause millions of dogs and cats to wind up in shelters in the U.S. every year. The speech also discussed how adopting one of those millions of dogs and cats can not only be rewarding but also can create life-long friendships.c. Closing Statement: If more people choose to adopt instead of shopping for a pet, we can work to decrease the 7.6 million amazing pets than wind up abandoned in a shelter every year!≈632480an hour ago
Grading RubricSpeech Structure and content_____/100Introduction1. Speech has a clear introduction to the topic ___/102. The chosen topic is a current issue/problem affecting part of the world right now___/103. Speaker clearly states their thesis (solution to resolve a current world issue)___/10Body of the speech ( Minimum of 2 different arguments justifying why your solution should be implemented)1. Speech has two distinct arguments both proving why the solution should be implemented to fix/alleviate the current problem___102. Each argument starts with a clearly stated claim (assertion)___/103. Each argument has at least one cited source proving the claim true ___/104. Each argument has a warrant (commentary/analysis) discussing why the previously cited source should be taken seriously and/or why the entire argument (claim and ground) proves that the audience to believe the thesis____/10Conclusion1. Speech restates thesis____/102. Speech briefly reviews the arguments___/103. Speech has closing sentence(s) (It does not end abruptly) ____/10Time Of Speech (minimum 5, max 7 minutes) ______/50Total Grade_______/150