Poetry Portfolio Outline

DirectionsPreparing for the AssignmentMake sure to review the overview of the assignment’s requirements on the Poetry Portfolio Overview page.There are more sources on the Poetry Portfolio Outline Resources page, including outline templates and sample outlines.Completing the OutlineKeep the outline brief and focused: Don’t write a rough draft.Use MLA or APA page format. For help with the format, go to the Poetry Portfolio Format & Citations page. A bibliography page and in-text citations are not required.Once you have a complete, properly formatted outline for your essay, submit it here.PurposeOutlines are one of the best ways to overcome writing procrastination and ‘fear of the blank page.’ A detailed outline means that when it comes time to draft the paper, you won’t be starting from scratch. You’ll know the major contents of your paper and the order in which they’ll be presented. It also means that the final draft will probably be better organized than it would have been if you’d written without an outline, and you won’t forget to include any vital sources or information. For these reasons, I suggest always constructing an outline for any major writing assignment, even if your instructor doesn’t assign one.