Poetry Portfolio Final Draft

DirectionsWrite a rough draft first: Don’t try to write a perfect paper in one sitting! For help with drafting, go to the Drafting Resources page.Make sure that you have taken the time to polish and edit your draft. For help with editing, go to the Editing Resources page.If you have any questions about the paper, send me a Canvas Inbox message or come to my office hours.If you need additional help, book an appointment with one of Valencia’s expert tutors at the Valencia Online Writing Center.Once you feel that your paper is as complete and polished as possible, submit it by Sunday of Week 15 at 11:59 PM.Late Portfolios will not be accepted.PurposeThe final step of the writing process is editing the rough draft into the final draft. If you have followed all of the other steps, this should be the easiest one of all. Double-check the format of your paper. Use automatic grammar checkers like the ones on the Grammar Resources page to help you polish the text for small errors. If you need more in-depth assistance, consult the experts at the Valencia College Writing Centers (links to all of these resources are located above). Of course, I am always available to answer questions.Creating the final draft will not only train you in the final step of the writing process, it should also fill you with a sense of pride and accomplishment. You have followed all of the steps, and now you are ready to claim your reward: a thoughtful, polished, successful paper. Good writing isn’t fast or easy, but by dedicating yourself to the process, you have conquered this assignment.