Poetry Portfolio Annotated Bibliography

DirectionsPreparing for the AssignmentBefore beginning this assignment, choose, read, and annotate 3 sources for your Poetry Portfolio. Choose sources that are relevant to the portfolio.The resources will come from the library databases or from the open web.To see the Portfolio assignment sheet and a sample paper, look at the Poetry Portfolio Overview page.For help with understanding the Portfolio in more detail, look at the Getting Started with the Portfolio page.For more complete directions on finding sources, look at the Completing the Annotated Bibliography page.Citing SourcesAfter finding, reading, and taking notes on your sources, set up a file in MLA or APA page format.Cite your sources according to your chosen format. Make sure they are listed alphabetically by author name or by title if the source doesn’t give an author name.Use resources on the Poetry Portfolio Format & Citations page to help you create the correct page format and citations.To see a sample assignment, look at the sample bibliographies (last tab on that page). These can also be used as templates for your bibliography.Annotating SourcesUnder each citation, write a paragraph that includes the following:At least a 2-sentence summary of the source.At least a 2-sentence discussion of the source’s validity:What makes the source credible? (Consider the author’s credentials, the reputation of the magazine/newspaper/journal publishing the source, and/or the quality of the information in the source).What makes the source relevant? (Explain how it would support/develop your portfolio.)Editing the Assignment & Getting HelpRemember to check your grammar. Use the automatic grammar checkers linked on the Grammar Resources page to help you write sentences that sing.If you have difficulty citing your sources, ask me or one of the Writing Center tutors for help.If you need help with research, consult a librarian.