pick one out of the 21 topics, and read all notes to write a 1400 report Student

pick one out of the 21 topics, and read all notes to write a 1400 report
Students will select a smart and sustainable project from Estevez et al. (2016, Appendix C.3. starting on p. 223) as a case study for critical evaluation and write a 1,400-word (+/- 50 words, excluding references) analytical paper. There are 21 projects in total, so students will each choose a different one. Students must post their project selection within the Wiki provided. Students will provide a brief summary, describing the smart and sustainable initiative proposed in the project and the technology used. Students should then carry out further research on the project in order to assess how it functions and to evaluate its promises and pitfalls. What is the smart city project intended/designed to do? If the project (or stages of it) has been completed did it live up to expectations? Why or why not? If the project has not yet been completed, what is holding it back? Do you think it will succeed? What are two or three policy/technical/execution/etc. changes that could be made to improve the case? Please note that the URLs provided each project might be outdated so you may have to do some exploratory internet research to find the relevant information. Wikipedia, for example, has a summary of most of the projects, with links to other relevant websites, including proponent websites, news stories, videos, etc.
Case study analyses must be sufficiently comprehensive and detailed.
Projects must be analyzed using academic concepts, theories, and research, and assessments must be evidence-based and objective. In other words, it is not enough to provide an opinion on the smart city example. Analyses must be based on facts, evidence-based research, and critical examination.
Analyses must be written according to academic standards of scholarship and referencing using APA.
Students must first accept the TURNITIN license agreement in order to post as a confidential Similarity Report will be provided.