Phisical science 6

Write an APA paper that addresses the following:

The general concept of nuclear radioactivity and the concept of nuclear stability. •
Discussed the nature of nuclear decay to include the concept of half-life 
Discussed the general concept of nuclear energy as it is associated with Fission and Fusion 
Explain the life of a star, types of stars, and how it is associated with stellar evolution 
Explain the big bang theory 
Differentiate between a comet and an asteroid; between meteors and meteorites. 
Differentiate between the three laws of Kepler. 
Describe the motion of the earth to include the Earth’s motion in space. 
Differentiate between the 3 Different “Place” identification 
Explain one theory about the formation of the earth’s moon. 

Pick any TWO and write an APA formatted response paper.  Make sure you follow the APA rules specifically to document your in-text citation and your reference page. 
In Addition, Turn in your part 1 & 2 (Focus is on Part 2).

Part 2 is the meat of your Signature Assignment. The three subcategories that Part 2 should address should be:

             a.  PESTEL issue (political, economic, strategic, technology, educational, and Legal) ramifications. 

             b.  Analysis (qualitative or quantitative (preferred)

             c.  Resulting potential solutions

  Include charts, graphs, pictorial depictions of the problem.