Philosophy assingment

Consider the two positions, Relativism (especially Conventionalism) as represented by Harman and Objectivism as defended by Pojman. Which position is correct? What is the best argument(s) for this view? In addition, describe the most significant objection to your view as expressed by either Pojman (if you are defending relativism) or Harman (if you are defending objectivism). A good paper will also have a comment (that may be brief) regarding how you respond to the identified objection. Do not use any other sources than those assigned.Warning: See the syllabus for details on plagiarism. All work must be your own work, with the exceptions of cited quotations or references to assigned readings or notes, which may be identified with a simple parenthetical reference, e.g. (Marquis, p. 12).LOGISTICS: Your paper should be 150 – 500 words in length.