Phase Controlled Rectifiers

Each student shall choose an area of interest related to power electronics for an independent research report. It is recommended that students use the learnings from the first half of the course to help them choose their topic by mid-way through the course. Once the topic is chosen,the student should perform an in-depth literature review using both IEEE published papers and other industry or research-related reports available online. The goals of the report are:1) Summarize the current state-of-the-art knowledge of your topic. Your discussion can focus on all or some of the following: applications, topologies, devices, control, etc. Figures should be included (and properly referenced if you did not make the figure yourself) to explain concepts.2) Discuss some future trends of your topic.3) Present the report with proper grammar, spelling, and referencing. At least 8 references mustbe cited using IEEE style referencing. Each student is to complete a report individually. Any evidence of working together on this report will be investigated for academic integrity violations. Each report should be about 2 pages in length for the written portion, size 12 Times New Roman font, single column, single-spaced. References and figures will be in addition to the 2 pages, though figures can be interspersed through the report. Make sure to reference figures you take from other sources.