Phase 4. Apply TOC and Sustainability to Improve Process

You are to write an essay – APA Forma – about 1000 words (four pages double spaced) – describing process improvement and tools we have discussed – Quality and Performance, TOC, and Sustainability – Ensure you discuss each one of them, from definition of terms, to description of topic. Then you are to described how you analyzed your process from term project, appplied one or more of the process improvement tools, and how you can improve it.You are to turn in the new updated process here – this is 25% of the grade. Submit flowchart process that you have improved. Highlight the area you have changed to improve process.Rubric:40% – turn in Assignment complete – all questions answered in recommended format.10% – Grammar and Spelling and APA Format (Title Page, Abstract, Content Double Space, Bibliography at end)15% – Use book content – definition of terms, discussion – to support your answers (show me you have read)10% – Use minimum two outside sources – information about topic of question – to support your answers.25% – Updated Process Flow Chart with highlight of improvement.5% – Bibliography – Do not cite URL (web cite).Company this must be done on is AMAZON!!!!!!!!!