Persuasive essay on why you should donate blood

high school Grade twelve levelTimes new roman font size 12use the three persuasive appeals(use ethos for one paragraph, use pathos for another paragraph and use logos for last paragraph)In text citations (MLA)No plagerism, please cite correctly.level 4 rubric:-Thoroughlydemonstratesunderstanding ofthesis-Thesis is highlylogical, thoroughand is written witha high degree ofclarity and insight-Thoroughlyidentifies andshowsunderstanding of allkey points.-Thoroughlydemonstratesability to identifymethod ofdevelopment and tojustify choices.-Thoroughlyexplainseffectiveness byusing examples forone or moreAristotelianappeals.-Correctly identifiestone using a wellchosen exampleCorrectly identifiesrhetorical deviceusing a well-chosenexample-Explainseffectivenessthoroughly by usingexamples for one ormore Aristotelianappeals-Insightfully explainsthe rhetoricaldevice’s connectionto the thesis.