Personal Legend

Examine the main characters of all three novels you have read in this course: Janie from Their Eyes Were Watching God,
Jane from Jane Eyre, and Santiago from The Alchemist. As you examine and discuss each character, answer each of the following questions:
What is this character’s personal legend?
What is this character’s treasure? Is it a physical treasure? Is it a treasure of knowledge or wisdom about self or the world?
What does this character overcome to follow his or her personal legend and to find his or her treasure?
What can we learn from this character’s journey?
Discuss each character in 1–2 paragraphs. As you discuss each character and the answers to these questions, avoid simply stating the answers to the
questions. Artfully and elegantly discuss the character, his or her legend and treasure, and lessons learned. Incorporate at least two quotes from the novels
for each character you discuss in your essays. Use these quotes to strengthen your discussions.
Before you conclude your essay with a strong conclusion, include a 1–2 paragraph discussion of your own personal legend and treasure. What is your
personal legend? What treasure do you seek (in this essay, focus on the treasures of knowledge and intangible things rather than actual treasure such as
money or fame)?

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