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Now that you have had an opportunity to review the course and have a general understanding about art, read chapter 2 and 4  (Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning) read notes attached this units  and select four  works of art  (they may be paintings/paintings/architecture/photography/prints) . Sections from: early 1400 Renaissance in Southern Europe  or   Northern Late Renaissance Europe,  The second  art work   from 1700  Neoclassicism and the fourth from  1900s Surrealism or Cubism (4 examples)
). Do not forget to add your selected images as you discuss the foundation (elements and principles of design) Do not forget to discuss  HOW EMPHASIS AND UNITY IS ACHIEVED  in the selected work you have depicted, be specific.
Essay  minimum of 200 words
1. Place captions under each image (artist name, title of art, year, created and the  style of art)
2.  As you analyze the elements and principles  in the art work also discuss    at-least 5  characteristics of each  art work style (ism)  and compare and contrast the pair 
a.. Renaissance Southern Europe  and. Renaissance Northern Europe
  c. Neo-classicism; and  Surrealism 
3. Discuss in detail  where how those  characteristics are achieved  in the work of art. Example if the style is  Gothic and your example in of Notre Dame de Paris  two of the characteristics  would be  ribbed vaults  and large windows.  
4. Discuss in detail how Emphasis, Unity,  Balance and Proportion and Line  is created. What are the techniques used by the  artist to achieve  each? (discuss this  as you explain the characteristics in the art work (Example, all eyes are looking down at the crown, the main emphasis, with its detail sparkling jewels and exquisite serpentine gold designs. Dark values surround the bright crown placing  additional  focus on the crown. a bright light that seems to come  from the heavens hovers above the crown bringing attention to the  crown).
List sources used to study and research  your  paper.

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