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The assignment is a country profile on Pakistan It must be 3-4 pages long excluding the citation page.

This 3 – 4 page document must be in narrative form, not a listing of facts. It should use section heads and be typed in double space format. This project should reflect your knowledge of the country and your ability to communicate that knowledge clearly and concisely.

The profile should demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of the country, both within the United Nations and in the global political arena. The profile should provide an overview of the country including: general information regarding type of government and its relations with its citizens, regional neighbors, and the international community; the type of economy and basic indicators of its condition; type of military, its size, strength, and the government’s willingness and capacity to use military force; its recent political history and an analysis of the internal and/or external obstacles facing successful attainment of known political goals and policies; and any notable cultural aspects of the society.

Outline for Country Profile
(cite all sources as footnotes (Chicago Style Manual) and all works consulted or researched in the List of References/bibliography as a separate last page).
Title Page –
* Graphic of Flag and Map of Country
* Group members’ Names and Country and topic Assignment
* Each member shall sign their name indicating their review and vetting of the information and strategy. Signature lines will be included on the title page.
* Fundamentals:
Gross Domestic Product
GDP per capita
Total Population and Median Age.

Page 2 and Beyond:
Body of Country Profile –
A. Government
1. Type of government, noting if recently changed (type, and the leadership), elections and how often they are held
2. Relations with citizens, regional neighbors, international community
B. Economy
1. Type of economy
2. Current state of the economy
3. Major industry
4. Level of imports/exports (in dollars), and imports and exports partners
C. Military
1. Types (army, navy, air force)
2. Size, strength, and capacity
3. Willingness and capacity to use military force
4. Military expenditure as percentage of GDP
D. Culture (include only if notable items)
1. Dominant religion and recent problems if any
2. Immigration or migration, recent problems if any
3. Ethnic, tribal, race considerations
4. Values
5. Major concerns
E. Geography
1. Absence or presence of important resource
2. Land–locked or with natural harbors (political impact)
F. United Nations Policy (the most important section)
1. Country voting bloc (that is other countries or regions the country vote with)
2. Level of Participation
3. Relationship of UN policy to domestic and foreign policy goals
4. Overall strategy in the UN
Note: The most important portion of this profile is paragraph F-4. This section should receive the most attention in your research. It should also get a full paragraph in the profile specifically laying out what the country hopes to achieve and how they plan to do so. And you will not find this on a page in your research, it must be sifted out of the whole body of research work.
List of References/Sources

Must have at least 5 references