PACC6011 Accounting Information Systems : Critical Analysis

Task :

Assessment conditions: This is an assessment task (not a group assessment task). NOTE: location of the organisation is fictional.

1. Robbie and Shauna Bean, the owners of Tradie Utilities and Accessories Pty Limited (TUA), have recently employed you as their accountant. TUA is an Australian retailer of customised utilities (motor vehicles) for trade persons in the building and trade industry. The manufacturing of these vehicles is distributed over two factory locations in Perimbula, a regional city in the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. These factories perform the following functions:

The first location: the vehicles are reinforced and fitted out in their Piggott Street factory in Perimbula. 

2. The second location: all accessories including  a variety tool boxes and other custom made items are made on site in their Rollet Road factory and transported to Piggott Street for installation. 

3. The sites are run by experienced managers who apply their own methods to managing the workload from both quality and quantity perspectives. Robbie and Shauna, have been concerned about issues they have experienced in managing their accounts payable. As such they are looking to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, but are concerned about the impact of ineffective business processes on the implementation of the ERP.

4. Robbie and Shauna have asked you to review the current cash payments process for TUA to determine if any improvements should be made to the process prior to the implementation of a new system.  They have prepared a summary of key information to assist you in your review. This information is available in Interact under Assessment Resources, Assessment Item 3.

5. Additionally, Robbie and Shauna have recently read an article titled ‘ERP Implementation and Nestle’ ( The article has also been provided in your interact site under Assessment Resources, Assessment item 3.  When they raised their concerns, you suggested they use the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) approach in the implementation of a new ERP system.  They are now looking for some more formal advice with regards to this.

6. Using the information provided to you, prepare a business report to Robbie and Shauna addressing the following:

7. Critical analysis of four (4) internal control weaknesses relating to TUA’s cash payments process and the impact these weaknesses could have on the organisation; (2 marks)

8. Recommendation of specific application controls TUA could implement to minimise the impact of each of the potential weaknesses you have identified above. Note that your client is seeking practical controls they can implement in the coming months, not theoretical controls; (4 marks) 

Advice relating to the implementation of a new ERP system, including:

9. an overview of the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) (as covered in your Romney text) that you believe TUA should utilise in the implementation of their new ERP system. (1 mark)

10. a review of the ERP implementation issues for Nestle (note that you will need to conduct further research beyond the article provided). The review must include:

11. an overview of the failed ERP implementation for Nestle; (2 marks)

12. an analysis of four (4) systems implementation deficiencies for Nestle, including discussion of where each falls within the five stages of the SDLC  (4 marks) and; 

13. provision of four (4) recommendations to TUA on how they could manage and overcome the deficiencies you identified above in their implementation of an ERP system. (4 marks)

All parts of question 1 must be answered as a table in your report. Answer this question using the following headings:

14. 3 marks will be awarded for the presentation of your report. This includes the use of appropriate grammar and spelling, application of APA 7th ed. referencing and a report prepared in line with the presentation requirements below.

Business Report

Whilst you will need to undertake research to complete your assignment, it should be presented as a business report to your clients. Your business report should include;

a cover page addressed to your desired audience;

an executive summary;

a table of contents (linked to the headings in the report);

headings and sub headings clearly identifying what is being discussed;

a conclusion, including recommendations as required; 

appendices with your articles attached; and

referencing (using APA 7th ed. style).

Note: an Executive Summary is not an introduction. An Executive Summary is an overview of an entire report, including recommendations, and should be no longer than one (1) page in length. This may be the only page read by busy managers.

Note: additional detail regarding a cover page to your client was provided with assessment item 2.

Word Count

Marks will be deducted where you have exceeded the word count for your assignment. The word count does not include your:

cover page;

table of contents;

tables of figures; 

articles; and

referencing (in text citations and reference list).