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BACKGROUND Our client is a Saudi Businessman who would like to invest in establishing a water-bottling factory in one of the Regions in Saudi Arabia. They have ample funds internally but they might need to raise more capital externally (either debt through one of their banks or equity via venture capital (VC) or private equity (PE) firms). Either way, they need to prepare a solid business case along with a preliminary marketing strategy to pitch to internal & external stakeholders.He has approached Delivery Unit seeking advice on this project & we have assigned you as Marketing and Strategy Consultant on this project. The client expects you to provide him with a presentation on how to proceed with this project.SCOPE OF WORK The business case & the marketing strategy should AT LEAST Include the following critical areas. Each question is followed by recommended amount of time & effort (RTE given as a % of total time & effort available to you) you should invest in each section. Please note that these percentages add up to 95% of total time & effort, leaving 5% room for additional areas/insights/recommendations that you might add to make this business case & marketing strategy more comprehensive. You may use any strategy & marketing framework, & re-arrange the flow/order of these questions/recommendations as you may see fit.A brief assessment of the Saudi Bottled Water sector landscape. What are the key strategic insights/opportunities? RTE 15%Would you advice our client to invest in this sector? • If no, why? • If yes, why?What will be your strategic choices (e.g. which geographic areas, target customer segments, product category, stages of value chain, distribution channels, geographic areas will you play in)? Why? RTE 10%Assuming the strategic choices you made above: 4. How do you plan to win (e.g. differentiation vs cost leadership/focus, operational excellence-customer intimacy-product innovation/leadership, etc.)? Why? RTE 10%What will be your marketing strategy (target segments understanding, 7Ps, communication plan & budget, etc.)? Why? What communication platform would you recommend (e.g. health platform? Vitality platform? Etc.). Why? RTE 35%What will be the implementation plan & what will be the required budget? RTE 10%What will be the expected revenue pursuing the above strategy? RTE 5%If the client does not approve your above strategy because he does not want to pursue the strategic choices you made, & if he wants to hear from you an alternative route, how would you change your strategic choices in question 3? How would your marketing strategy change? Just highlight the key areas of differences with solid examples, NO NEED, to develop full, alternative marketing strategy. RTE 10%1.IPage