Option 1 Need for autonomy and competence.Need for affiliation or

Option 1 Need for autonomy and competence. Need for affiliation or belonging. Need for meaning. Need for power. Need for self-esteem.

All humans may have the above psychological needs to some extent. However, some may be stronger needs than others for any individual. For this discussion, select and discuss two needs from the list above that stand out as strong needs for you. What makes these needs so strong? Refer to your textbook or other professional source to support your discussion.

Option 2 Find an interview (either written article or video interview) of a famous person discussing their ambitions or goals. The person could be a well-known actor, athlete, musician, politician, or other public figure.

Keep the psychological needs of autonomy and competence, affiliation or belonging, meaning, power, and self-esteem in mind as you read or listen to the interview. In your discussion, analyze the psychological needs that you hear the person being interviewed express. Which needs or combination of needs do their ambitions appear to be most driven by? Support your analysis with statements from the interview matched with information about the psychological needs. Be sure to cite your sources.

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