Operations Analysis Collaberation


How effective a collaborator are you? 
Collaboration is a critical part of business today, to the point where we even covered the topic to an extent in this week’s DB. Let’s continue the effort, but this time with a greater self-focus. 
For this exercise, the second part will require you to work with a friend, co-worker, perhaps another student, anyone whom you have some type of relationship with, and preferably someone from an organization you’re involved with.  Read on! 
Complete the tests below, and then reflect on what your scores have shown you. How collaborative an individual are you, and where might there be room to improve? What has this exercise taught you? 
Length and format: 
The four (4) work sheets from below must be included with this assignment, and a paper no less than 400 words in length. This week, you have a test. No! Not like that! 
These tests provide a Collaboration metric for yourself, your partner(s) as noted above, and potentially your organization. They form a natural corollary to the exploration of collaboration published elsewhere on this blog as: “How to maintain your autonomy in a collaborative partnership.” 
Implicit in these tests is both a way of seeing collaboration and also a structure within which collaboration can take place. It will be quickly obvious that collaboration is not easy and that collaborations of high importance to each individual also call for the highest levels of candor and understanding. 
These tests will help you answer the questions: How well do you collaborate? and: Are you able to bring out the best from yourself and draw it out from your partner(s)? 
Of the two tests that follow, the first – The Personal Assessment – is predominantly for yourself, so you can appraise your personal skills at effective collaboration. 
The second test – The Joint Assessment – is in four parts and enables you to score both yourself and your collaborator. It applies equally to groups as to individuals. 
Reviewing both assessment tests will give you some useful feedback, and it will also add to your fund of knowledge of what is needed to ensure successful collaborations. 
PLEASE NOTE: You can download the assessment forms in PDF format by right-clicking on: Dynamic Living Assessment Tests and selecting “Save target (or “link”) as”.