On Glaspells Trifles

This forum requires you to have read pp. 650-685 prior to beginning the post.Susan Glaspell’s short play Trifles is a classic text that is included in nearly every introductory literature textbook. In miniature, it exemplifies the main elements of dramatic plays, while letting the reader practice close reading skills.One of the more apparent themes in Trifles is patriarchal gender roles and expectations. In this play, it is the women (who are dismissed by the men as being concerned only with trifles and trivialities) who ultimately identify the murderer and her motivations, and then they choose to keep their discovery from the men. Hopefully, you arrived at the same theme.For this discussion forum, I would like you to identify a specific detail from the text that supports this theme of patriarchal gender roles and expectations. If someone else has already identified a textual detail, please find a different one. Then, explain how that detail supports the theme.As usual, please respond to the posts of two of your classmates.