Ohio State Budget

This week, you are asked to develop your analytic response to the following questions in a multimedia project using Knovio or Prezi
What does your state budget look like? Where do your state revenues originate? What are the expenditures? How does this compare to the federal budget?Your analysis should be formally presented as a multimedia presentation. Substantively, it should first identify your state and the key figures/policy areas/time period(s) you will be looking at. Then it should cover the major policy concepts and how they apply to the budget, identify the key stakeholders, and review the development and implementation of the budget. Zoom in on taxation strategies (state personal income tax, state sales taxes and any other tax issues you feel are important) and major expenditures. Include a portion of a project where you evaluate the effectiveness of the policy and its ability to meet stated goals. Also include a critical comment on how well you think the key elements of the budget follow the economic principle of equity. Finally, offer some carefully considered recommendations for improving or modifying the policy. Situate your analysis in the contemporary policy literature where you can and include appropriate citations in APA style.