Nonprofit Case Study

Your final paper is an individually written comprehensive assessment of a real nonprofitorganization. This paper is worth 30% of your final grade. The percentages at the end of eachsegment denote the weighted percentage for that portion of the paper. Proper spelling, grammarand APA formatting and citations must be used when and where appropriate. You can bepenalized up to ten percent of your grade for significant spelling, grammar, and formattingerrors.
The specific organizational case may be chosen from an organization featured in the readingsfrom your own past work experience, or drawn from a secondary source. Research shouldinclude a variety of secondary (and /or primary) data sources including newspaper and magazinearticles, the web, annual reports, interviews, etc. All data must be properly cited. You mustinterview at least one person from the organization (ideally more) and cite at least two academicjournal articles, see list of nonprofit journals below.
This paper is expected to be between 8-12 pages in order to appropriately cover all of thenecessary content. You must include a title page and appropriate supporting documentation inthe appendix, neither of which is included in your page count.