News Interview Sidebar

or your news interview sidebar assignment, you are to conduct an interview or interviews and write a 350-word news feature story (not a Q&A transcript) in inverted pyramid style that can serve as a newsy sidebar to the meeting you wrote about for Assignment 2’s news story.Objectives:To identify and evaluate news sources and ask appropriate questions in order to conduct effective interviews and collect necessary information for news stories.Evaluate the newsworthiness of information and events in order to select news.Use Associated Press rules to write in the style of a journalist.Create a basic news story whose information is organized in inverted pyramid order.Your interview must be with a real person, such as a community leader or a subject matter expert who is in a position to talk authoritatively about an issue of your choosing that is closely related to your Assignment 2’s meeting topic. Complete details for this assignment can be found in this week’s Assignment Instructions module.