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Complete an environmental assessment of your neighborhood or area in your community with which you are familiar. The Community Healthy Living Index (CHLI) assessment is to be completed by walking through the area making note of key characteristics relating to neighborhood design, accessibility to resources to promote healthy eating and physical activity, safety and community capacity to address barriers to health in their community.
You learned about the factors that affect the health of a community (physical, social and cultural, community organization and individual behaviors). Now you get to assess firsthand how these factors may be affecting your health and that of your friends/family.
The CHLI assessment is to be completed on foot. You will walk through your area making note of the characteristics listed on the worksheet. Completing the assessment in this manner will allow you to make informed evaluations of accessibility of resources to that area within walking distance. You will also gain insight as to how safe it feels walking through the area versus driving through the area. You will be surprised just how different an area may feel when you are walking versus driving!
Be sure to complete all the questions on the worksheet. Note that you may need to refer to the U.S. Census website to gather information about your area. Follow the instructions on the worksheet to do so.
Write a one-page (double-spaced and 12-point font) summary highlighting your findings and reflections on the assignment. What were your general findings? Was the area you surveyed favorable to promoting positive health behaviors? What features of your neighborhood/community really stuck out to you? Were any of your findings surprising? What inferences can you make about how the built environment is impacting health in your neighborhood/community? What changes would you recommend be made to improve health in the community? Please insert a picture of yourself while conducting the assessment as evidence that you completed the assessment as intended. Let me see how your smiling face, and how much you enjoyed your stroll!
Conduct the Community Health Living Index (CHLI) assessment in your neighborhood. Submit both your completed CHLI worksheet and your one-page reflection/summary by the due date specified in the syllabus. Please submit the worksheet and the reflection/photo in its respective submission portal. Again, please insert a photo of yourself within the word document to serve as evidence of your assessment. Submissions must be made by 11:59pm.
Note: The way you complete the worksheet is up to you. You can choose to type in your responses to the CHLI worksheet using the editable Word document. Alternatively, you can print the form, legibly write your responses and upload a scanned PDF of your worksheet. Your one-page summary must be typed.
Please find the CHLI assessment form at the following link: