Need help on research paper

I need support with this Health & Medical question so I can learn better.

After reading this scenario and doing internet search, compile and submit the assignment as Word document comprising 3-4 pages, double-spaced and APA formatted highlighting the following:
1. What are HIEOs (Health Information Exchange Organisations) and what are their functions?
2. Which government Act mandated (hint: HIPAA, HITEH) establishment of HIEOs and when?
3. Who provided financial support to HIEOs (state/federal government) to begin with?
4. Who are usually the members of HIEOs and what benefits they derive from the membership?
5. What is NHIN/NwHIN (National Health Information Network) and how is it related to HIEOs?
Need to include atleast 5 references within the last 7 years, with in-text citations.

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