Need a discussion for international business

Need help with my Business question – I’m studying for my class.

This is a very simple assignment. Take a look at this video; this is one my favorite ads. It’s the essence of chapter 7 on segmentation. In fact, it is a compilation of ads from Nintendo Wii that were launched during a time when not everyone played video games of its kind. I believe this video will help you understand micro-segmentation better (plus I love the music!!)
nintendo wii commercial compilation (Links to an external site.)
For your discussion, hit reply below and

Write what type of Micro-segmentation method do you see from these Nintendo ads? (Demographic, psychographic, geographic, benefit etc.)
Explain your answer. Remember, companies can use a combination of several segmentation methods.
Finally, give a example of an ad (print, online or tv) that uses any 1 or 2 of the segmentation methods you studied from Chapter 7. Try your best to give an ad targeting an international market. If you don’t find them, then domestic market ads are also ok. Do post a url or image of the ad (if you found it online).

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