Nature of the Study

Assignments to complete this week:Reading: American Psychological Association (7th ed.)Chapter 8: Works Credited in the TextReading: Creswell & Creswell (5th ed.)Chapter 8: Quantitative MethodsChapter 9: Qualitative MethodsChapter 10: Mixed Methods Procedures
Discussion Question 5 2 pages,
Use the article you chose in the week 2 Discussion and information from Chapters 8, 9, and 10 of the Creswell textbook to discuss the research method chosen by the author(s) and analyze its alignment with the research questions.
In addition to the textbook, include a minimum of two (2) scholarly references and cite them within the text of your discussion. Respond to at least one peer enhancing the collaborative learning environment.
Activity 5 – 3 pages
Complete the following Section of your Potential Prospectus.Develop the Nature of your Study:The nature of the study should include the following:Research method: quantitative, qualitative, or the mixed methodsResearch design in alignment with your research methodData needed, how you will access the data, and provide indications that the needed data can be accessed.Description of data collection method: direct observation, interviews, survey instrument, experimental design, archival, proprietary information, publicly available data, etc.Description of any data collection instrument(s) that is planned to be used and any pilot study needed (e.g., if you design your own survey).Description of planned data analysis, including statistical testsRemember, the prospectus and proposal will be written in the future tense.
Please provide, in addition to the textbook, a minimum of two (2) scholarly references and cite them within the text of your activity.