National Strategy for Homeland Security

National strategy, just like national laws and policies, are updated either routinely or as circumstances warrant. For this assignment, you will first need to conduct further research on the National Strategy for Homeland Security. You will then prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the components listed below.Outline the four goals of the National Strategy for Homeland Security, which are listed in the unit lesson. Be sure to address how it reflects an increased understanding of the terrorist threats confronting the United States today, incorporates lessons learned from exercises and real-world catastrophes, and proposes new initiatives and approaches that will enable the nation to achieve homeland security objectives.Use real examples of incidents or events that have occurred since 2007 to illustrate how the strategy is being used effectively. You must give at least one unique example for each of the four goals.Use the speaker notes or audio recording functions in PowerPoint to elaborate on or offer additional information supporting your slide content. Each content slide must have a minimum of 75 words of speaker notes or 1 minute of spoken narration.End your presentation with at least two recommendations for changes that could increase the effectiveness of the National Strategy for Homeland Security. Explain your rationale.Your PowerPoint presentation must contain a minimum of nine slides, not coutning the title or reference slides. You must use at least three sources to support your presentation. All sources used must have citations and references in APA Style.