Narrative Genogram – Homework Experts

Using the 7 aspects listed, go through the family genogram atttachment and begin identifying information, patterns, events and issues. You do not have to submit a complete description of the 7 aspects this week, just begin working on that.
1.Family Structure: State who constitutes the current family of which you are a part. Are deceased members still a part of the emotional system? What about pets?
2. Life Cycle Fit: Look at ages and transition periods such as leaving home, marrying, having children to see if they are normative or not for that period in time. Discuss the fit between spouses, i.e. if one is much older or younger, etc.
3.Pattern Repetition Across Generations: Identify any repeated relationship patterns; abuse, affairs, mental illness, addictions, chronic illness/disease, cause of death, career choices, emotional cut-offs, size of families in each generation.
4.Life Events and Family Needs: Track critical events and toxic issues to see if there are anniversary reactions, similar timing (in areas such as sexual abuse), the impacts of ecological events on family needs, coincidences, etc Relational
5. Patterns and Triangles: Look at dyads, triangles among parents and children, among siblings, in multi-generations, in affairs, in divorced and blended families.
6. Family Balance and Imbalance: From each spouse’s family of origin, assess the differences in terms of balance of size of family, occupation, finances and other resources, roles, functioning.
7. Focal Point for Intervention: Identify an area of conflict/pain for your family. What level of need does/did your family represent at the time of this problem? What type of intervention do you think would be most helpful?
The Genorgram is attached to use for this. For #7 a conflict can be that the gradpa died at ayoung age of cancer and it caused a lot of pain for the family as he was the glue for the family another one is the mom and dad got dvorsed when there child was young and could havecused pain for the child. Thiing that you could include.