multimodal project

Multimodal Presentation ProposalENGL 1111, HibbardThe multi-modal assignment is a way to share your work with a different audience in a different format. My intent is for all the students to be able to see each others’ work, but not as a formal essay. Your presentation can be a) a letter to the editor; or b) a poster or brochure. You will use the SAME research and the SAME ideas as you did in your essay, but you will present them in a different format. NO POWER POINTS.Your presentation will be graded on how well you reimagine and communicate your research in the new format. You should NOT do any additional research for this assignment. Clearly, you won’t be able to present everything in this assignment that was in your essay, so you will need to think about what would be most useful and interesting for your target audience to know about your research. In a separate file, you should also clearly cite the specific information and sources you used in your letter or brochure.For this proposal, please answer the following questions as best you can (I know you may not have all the answers at this point, but the proposal is meant to push you to think about and plan the presentation in advance):1. What is your research question from your essay?2. What format are you using for your multimodal presentation? What draws you to this format?3. Who do you intend as the primary audience for your presentation? What about your presentation might appeal to this particular audience?4. Which research resources from the essay do you plan to use in your presentation? Provide citations below. What are some specific facts and ideas from the essay that you plan to feature in your presentation?