most interesting unanswered question in cognitive psychology

In contrast, textbooks and lectures tend to focus not on questions, but rather answers. “Broadbent developed the filter model of attention”, etc. This is all well and good, but does not emphasize the frontiers of human knowledge. In fact, this approach puts Descartes before the horse. The next edition of your textbook will present the answers to the next generation of scientific questions that do not yet have answers.In this assignment, your task is to identify the most interesting unanswered question in cognitive psychology. It doesn’t have to be the most important question in science, it just has to be the most interesting from your own personal perspective.Discussing the question in the essay.The essay should include the following:— What is the question?— Why is it interesting (to you)?— What is the prior history of attempts to answer it?— What is the current state of the art in the topic?— What are the obstacles that prevent its answer?— What are the prospects for answering it in the near– and long–term? For example,are there promising approaches?
The question What is the current state of the art in the topic?” Is the most important question for the assignment.
— You must cite at least 4 peer-reviewed articles, and you must include a slide with full references in APA format at the end of your presentation— At least one of your sources must have been published recently (2020 or later)