Monastic Rules -Christianity in medieval

Appendix 2: Monastic Rule Revision (Paper 1)Vos omnes in Christo saluto, brothers and sisters of Furman Abbey!I write to you Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Order with an urgent request for help.As many of you know, our order has suffered a sharp decline in new professions over thelast generations, with the result that this ancient and venerable way of life now faces anuncertain future. With the blessing of our Holy Father, I am seeking input for ways torejuvenate our order and make it more effective in pursuit of our mission.
your task is to offer a set of proposals for reforming the Rule of St. Benedict, the foundingdocument which has served as a touchstone for the life and work of our order for amillennium and a half. Our hope is to make the Benedictine way of life more appealing toa younger and more diverse generation of spiritual seekers, and also to make it moreeffective in carrying out its mission. With these goals in mind, I am giving you widelatitude in proposing changes, with one sole stipulation: nothing in the Prologue is upfor revision, as this first section of the Rule provides the foundation for our order’smission and ethos.I expect that your papers will make a minimum of three concrete proposals for reform,identifying specific practices or policies in the Rule and offering solid rationale for eachchange, rationale grounded in the guiding aims of the Prologue.
The requirements for this paper are as follows:• 5-7 pages, double-spaced, 1” margins all around, 11-12 point font• You should notneed to cite any outside scrolls or codices besides the Rule itself;when referring to specific passages, simply give page number(s) in parentheses.• Please submit your reform proposals in MS Word format to Brother Turnitin at Abbey’s scriptorium (also known as “Moodelius”) no later than compline onFriday, February 4th.5920622 hours agoThis was told it was plagiarized I hope for your help to get the two rules that are already there and revise it in an original writting. thank you