Overview:When we look at decision makers in violations of ethical behavior in the criminal justicesystem to include law enforcement, corrections and the courts, what can result if thewatchers are violating what they are supposed to be preventing?Instructions:Review the videos and articles in the Readings and Resources section of Unit 5, thenanswer:• What did the Judge Stacie Hunter do in order to be brought before the court as adefendant?• Explain if this case was handled properly.• There was a retrial on some of the charges. Explain if this was warranted in thiscase.• What ethical or unethical decisions were made that lead to this event?• Explain if the court using it’s checks, and balances resolved the issue to yoursatisfaction.• Discuss the role that ethical misconduct plays within the legal system and theimplications of such misconduct.
*** HERE is the videos(65) Judge Tracie Hunter berates prosecutors during trial, witnesses say – YouTube