Minimum Wage needs to be raised

AssignmentYour Formal Report final draft must include the following sections:Front Matter:Prefatory sections (do not count towards page minimum; number prefatory pages in lowercase roman numerals, but do not place a number on your cover sheet)A cover sheet (no page number)A letter of transmittal (Links to an external site.) (ii)An automatic table of contents (including a list of figures) (iii)An executive summary (Links to an external site.) (iv)Body Sections:(8-10 pages single-spaced) these do count towards page minimumAn introductionA background sectionA discussion sectionA conclusions sectionA recommendations sectionA References pageAll of the body sections count towards your page range of 8-10 single-spaced pages. Your 3 half-page graphics should be included in the body section and do count towards your pages too.End Matter:Additionally, each student will prepare at least 1 appendix (Appendix A) that does not count towards your final page range. Appendices should be labeled as Appendix A, Appendix B, and so forth. You may number the appendix pages as you please.Appendix A: Primary research detailsProfessional InterviewIf you choose to interview a relevant person or expert, compose a document that contains the following details:Name and position of person you intend to interviewShort explanation of why this person’s opinion is relevant to your reportA list of interview questionsSurveyIf you choose to design and conduct a survey, compose a document that contains the following details:Intended survey population (who will you distribute the survey to?)Distribution method (how will you get this survey to the correct people?)Survey tool you will use (will you use google forms, Qualtrics, or Survey Monkey?)List of survey questions you plan to ask, with complete answer options providedFormal ObservationIf you choose to design and conduct a formal observation, compose a document that contains the following details:What specific event or occurrence will you observe?For how long will you observe this event or occurrence?What type information will your observation allow you to gather?How will you keep track of your observation notes?Formatting Requirements:Entire report (front matter, body, and appendices) should be delivered in one electronic file (.doc or .docx)Spacing: your report will be single-spaced, as this is the expectation in the business environmentMargins: 1 or 1.25 inch margins all the way around the document (except cover page)Font: 12 point Times New Roman, 12 point Cambria, or 12 point CalibriPage numbers (Arabic numerals) should be centered at the bottom of each page; front matter should be numbered with roman numeralsPoint of View & Voice: Use “I” when referring to your primary research but otherwise use third person. Use active voice when possible. Review guidelines here (Links to an external site.)Section headings should be completed in APA style (Links to an external site.)Parenthetical citations and References sheet should use APA format