Milestone- week 7

Submission Instructions:Submit a completed 3-5 page (approx. 750-1250 words) research paper on your topic choice made in Module 1 that incorporates your work from Milestones 1-6. Use the Final Project TemplateDownload Final Project Templatefor an example of how to create and format your final paper.It should include:At least 4 referencesA title page and reference page in APA styleIn-text citations in APA formatAn introductory paragraph with your clear, one-sentence thesis statement (this should NOT be underlined at this point)Body paragraphs that use information from the sources as evidence to prove the thesis statementA conclusion paragraph that offers final thoughts and reiterates the thesis statementProper spelling, syntax, and grammarImprovements based on your instructor’s feedback on your previous milestone work (i.e. to the thesis statement, introduction, organization, use of sources, APA style, etc.)SEE PREVIOUS PAPERS – ATTACHED as well as instructions for essay