Middle Adult Spirituality Discussion

According to Santrock, aging seems to bring about an increase in spirituality in people’s lives and affects them physically. In addition, Viktor Frankl addressed the whole concept of what gives meaning to one’s life. We will explore these points.Read Chapter 13 of the textbook by SantrockConsider religion/spirituality and meaning in life.Prepare to engage in discussion that addresses the following points.Santrock addresses how religion affects physical health in later years. How might religion affect one’s psychological well-being?React to Viktor Frankl’s concept of “meaning in life.” Do you agree or disagree with him? Why? What gives you meaning in your life?Support your work with scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided. Quoting or paraphrasing from any source in discussion posts requires APA format by including an in-text citation and listing the reference at the end of the post.