Microeconomic PaperTo obtain full credit for the paper, please adhere to the following requirements:Student must find and cite resources to substantiate their research.APA formatting is required.Paper should be 4 (full pages) or more pages in addition to pages for references, title page, and abstract (don’t have to do an abstract for this paper).Must write in third person.Must cite references in paper.Must have at least five reference cites.The following video will help you with writing in APA format:

Style Research Paper Format (Links to an external site.)You can pick any topic with Microeconomics. Some topics that you could chose include:ElasticityMarket structuresPerfect competitionMonopolyMonopolistic competitionOligopolies and game theoryMonopoly and anti-trust policyEnvironmental ProtectionNegative and positive externalities and public goodsLabor marketsUnionsImmigrationDiscriminationUS PovertyWorld PovertyEconomic equalityRisk and insuranceFinancial marketsChoose a product and do a paper on it, such as coffee, textiles, furniture, etc.Look within your book and decide what topic you would like to do, look at magazine articles or journal articles, etc to help you decide what area you would like to look at.The paper will be due on Monday, April 19.