Medical considerations and Health

Medical Considerations and Health Care Needs VisualAssignment Content
Special education teachers may need additional knowledge related to medication use, health care procedures, and medical conditions associated with intellectual and developmental disabilities and TBI. The purpose of this assignment is to gain understanding of the common medical considerations and health care needs you may experience as a special education teacher.
Create a 1-page visual that provides an overview of the following information as it relates to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and TBI:Associated medical conditions for each disability/TBIPossible medications taken and their effects for each disability/TBIDescription of universal precautions – those that help prevent the disability/TBI.Laws and policies related to providing specialized health care in educational settings
Further Explanation of One-Pager
The actual information that fulfills all of the requirements, must be a one-page document. You can use MS Word, Glogster, or any other format where you can put all information on one page that could be easily accessed by someone looking for a quick way to gain knowledge about the disabilities.
PowerPoint is not an appropriate venue for this assignment.
Be sure you can include title and reference information within the one-pager. This information does not have to take up much space, though. It doesn’t have to follow APA rules for this particular assignment
Must Include at least 3 references, in-text citations, including those for graphics, pictures, etc., if used.