Media Relations Final

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Please summarize and reflect on all our topics, speakers and experiences we’ve had and relate them to the readings and relevant areas of Coakley’s chapter 12 on Sport and the Media. SiS11e Coakley Chs 10-end.pdfSiS11e

Bud Greenspan films

Coakley – Media Representation of Sport. P – 392 – 394. Success Themes in Media Narratives p411- 412

History and Growth of Sport Communication

Assigned reading and Coakley – Characteristics of the Media . P390 – 392

Digital Media and Media Relations (Vicente Fernandez, ).

Coakley – New Media and Sports p 394 397

Public Relations (Stu Opperman)

Assigned reading
5. Media Relations/Heat Field Trip (Nick Maiorana– Press Conference)
Coakley – Sports and Media: A Two- Way Relationship P 400
6. Talk Sport Radio – (Article, Josh Friedman – Radio Station trip). Article – Coakley – Gender Themes in Media Josh Friedman – Sport Journalism.
7. Disney/ESPN Wide World of Sports

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