Media distribution

WEIGHT: 15% of your final Course GradeDUE DATE: Sunday, End of Day
Media distribution has evolved rapidly in the digital era. In this project, you willidentify various types of digital media channels and the methods of innovatorswho create successful content and build large fan communities for thesechannels. You will also compare these digital media channels, and the waysthey are utilized, to that of traditional media distribution outlets.
PrepareComplete this week’s Read and View assignments to help you understand thetopic for this project.
CreateCreate a Word or PowerPoint document that addresses all of the elements listed below:
• List of at least ten of the top digital media channels in use today for thepromotion and distribution of entertainment products or services. Be sure toclearly define each channel.• Explain the evolution and success of the digital media channels that you havechosen.• What are each channel’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to marketingor distributing an entertainment product or service?• Describe how your list of digital media channels are utilized in comparison totraditional media channels.• Identify two or more of the top companies or individuals who havesuccessfully created and distributed content using digital media distributionchannels.• Describe the methods and innovative decisions of companies and individualswho have successfully used digital media distribution to develop large fancommunities.
If you represent the thoughts, ideas, words, or images of others be sure to givecredit and cite your sources by indicating the author, date, title, and website linkwhere this information was found. Cite resources using APA format both in textand in a separate reference page.
Incorporate the concepts and terminology learned from this week’s readings intothe paper, demonstrating how the new media distribution channels you’ve chosenreflect the concepts learned about in the Read and View activities.