MBA5501 Advanced Marketing And Marketing Management

Discussion Advanced Marketing:-

Review the “Marketing Excellence: Louis Vuitton” case study on p. According to Interbrand, Louis Vuitton is ranked the 19th most powerful global brand. With this very important distinction, how is their recent use of celebrity endorsers risky for their brand identity? As demonstrated in this case, the use of celebrity endorsers can be risky for brand identity. Describe another brand that experienced some level of fallout with the use of a celebrity or sports figure as their endorser. What was the ultimate result? Make certain to use a brand that another student has not already brought forward.

Instructor’s directions: Follow these instructions when writing your response to your classmates.  Note:  When responding to your peers, praise them for what they are doing well, and lend your own information and/or perspective to your peer’s discussion response. (All of your responses within the discussion threads need to be no less than six or seven full sentences in length and pertain to the Discussion Board Question/Topic, in order to be eligible for participation credit).

Louis Vuitton using celebrities to endorse their product can be risky for their brand identity because ina roundabout way they company is represented by the celebrity and their choices both on and off the screen. If the celebrity makes less than acceptable choices in their personal or professional life, they represent the company or companies they endorse, and this looks back on those companies. Most companies drop them as endorsements when they get caught in a scandal, and lsor customers if they don’t. Louis Vuitton has also used Jennifer Lopez to endorse their products, and I can think of many other products she has endorsed over the years, especially recently.

Louis Vuitton utilizing celebrity-type people to promote their brand can be beneficial to growing the brand.  Celebrities can also create negative publicity for the brand their support when scandals and bad press occurs.  A company as large as Louis Vuitton and well known across the World, the risk vs. reward when utilizing celebrities to promote their brand should be considered.  High-end brands such as Louis Vuitton often use celebrities to appeal to their targeted customers.  Customers that can afford high-end products often find themselves relating to these celebrities.   Tiger Woods is considered the best golf player to ever play the game.