MBA401 People – Culture and Contemporary Leadership Assignment

Create an individual video presentation that explores the topic of “effective leadership” within a contemporary business environment

Assessment Description

In recent weeks you have been exposed to a range of content exploring people and organisation’s; leadership and performance; leadership behaviours, styles development and effectiveness. For this video presentation, you are required to select a contemporary business leader of your choice (it can be from Australia or overseas). You should select a leader that is aspirational and relevant to you and your current/future career.

Your choice of a “business leader” will provide you with an opportunity to analyse their contribution to the success of the business. You must seek approval from your Facilitator for your choice of leader. Your presentation should address the following questions:

1. Why have you chosen this business leader? Describe the relevance to you.

2. Describe at least two (2) key factors that in your opinion make your chosen leader successful?

3. Identify at least two (2) keys ways that your chosen leader has made a significant impact on their business and how their performance as a leader can be measured?

4. Based on what you have learnt about your chosen leader, what lessons you have learnt? Please explain why and how are these lessons will help you in your career?