Mandated reporters

8.1 Final Exam ProjectThis is a description of the assignment. You will turn it in here.Part I. (40 points) Read the attached brochure below regarding Mandated Reporters in the State of Louisiana, and respond to the following questions.What is your current or intended profession? Is your intended profession on the list of occupations/people who are mandated reporters?Explain the difference between abuse and neglect and give an example of each.Explain the legal responsibilities of a Mandated Reporter when an instance of abuse is suspected or has been observed.What are 2 potential consequences for NOT filing a report when abuse has been observed by an individual who falls within the category of Mandated Reporter?Part II. (10 points) Interview a current professional whose occupation makes them a Mandated Reporter and provide their responses to the following questions.1. Have you ever received Mandated Reporter Training in your professional work environment?2. Have you ever filed an abuse/neglect report?IF SO, describe the situation (preserving anonymity regarding parties involved) and describe the steps that you completed in making your report?IF NOT, describe a situation in which you would be inclined to make a report and describe the steps that you would be required to complete in making your report?Try to do a good job because this is worth 50 points. That is 10% of your grade for this class.