Management team



• Follow a public traded stock and analyze the changes in the stock price.
• Make a Power Point presentation and write an executive memo on the findings (pdf format).
• Some ideas:
o What is the company doing? Selling?
o Who is the management team?
o Why do you suggest this company? What’s they competitive advantage? What are they doing different form their competitors? Which are they competitors? They have many or a few competitors? In which markets are they selling? Why do you like/see potential in this company?
o Key numbers of the company
 Market capitalization (Price per share * number of shares)
 PER = market Capitalization /Net Income or also PER = Price per share / Net income per share. What does this Ratio (PER = Price to earnings ratio) mean?
 Income Statement
• Total sales/turnover of the company
• Gross Margins (are they growing?)
• Number of employees
• Depreciation
• Net Income (the company is earning or losing money?)
 Balance Sheet Structure
• Total Assets
o Total cash of the company
o Volume in Costumers
o Other things you want to comment
• Total Liabilities
o Total Suppliers
o Total Debt
 Short Term
 Long Term
o Other things you want to comment
• Total Owners Equity
o Which % of Owners Equity versus total Assets the company has?
o Is the company giving dividends? When?

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