Macroeconomics project script

I don’t know how to handle this Economics question and need guidance.

Final Video Script: I need a script that I can read about what I’ve really learned from this project.
The file and instruction of the previous work for this project is attached.
First progress with attachment

Your chosen topic. Are you exploring a specific theory? Is it policy related? How will you incorporate international theory? (2 points)
Explain why you chose this topic. What interests you about this particular topic? Where do you hope to go with your research? (2 points)
An initial plan for research. What sources do you plan on utilizing? Will you incorporate current events? What parts of the course and/or text will be relevant? (1 point)

Second Progress with attachment

progress report: identify three sources you have used so far. Have they been helpful? Have you determined how you’ll use graphs to illustrate what you’ve found? (2 points)
Expectations: have they been met? Exceeded? Are you disappointed with your findings so far? List any surprises, good or bad. (1 point)
Rough draft of the script outlining the video analysis component of your report. (2 points)

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