you need to analyze, conclude and make a diagnostic plan of one case study about the certain disease from what you have learned.In the case presentation of the patient make sure to include all the necessary information (chief complaint, current medical history, symptoms, signs, past medical history, family history, or physical and laboratory diagnostic findings)Your individual project is graded based on your thorough, detail and specific answers on 3 parts:A Possible diagnoses (differential diagnosis) (50 points). After analyzing the patient’s case, you need to make 3 (minimum) to 4 (maximum) possible diagnoses (rank by the most possible to the least possible). You need to be specific: e.g. a diagnoses of anemia is not specific enough, you need to elaborate: which type of anemia. If you make less than 3 differential diagnosis, your points will be deducted.B Explanation of Pathophysiology of each of differential diagnoses (30 points). You need to write all of the pathophysiology thoroughly of each of your differential diagnoses you write on the first part. This has to be detail enough so that you can explain all the signs, symptoms, patient’s history and all diagnostic tests results. There are no minimum or maximum number of pages you need to write, but comprehensive pathophysiology should suffice.C Your suggestions of what extra work-up/laboratory/diagnostic tests/information needed to come to a more definite diagnosis for the patient and treatment options. (20 points). On the last part, you need to give suggestions, as to what is (are) to be done to come to a more specific diagnoses for your patient’s case.