Long time coming by Dyson

One of the unique features of Long Time Coming is that Dyson writes to young black men and women who were murdered in the US as a result of police brutality or unqualified racism. Dyson said he did so in order to commune with them and, in the process of doing so, remind the wider US public that they did not wish to be martyrs, that they were unfairly enlisted into the war on race. As you read through Long Time Coming, identify the letter that you felt was most important in helping you understand the dangers of racism in our country. As you read through the letter, try to identify the specific strategies that Dyson uses to help you understand the depth of the problem we face.-A possible letter to talk about ( Hadiya Pendleton′s death was not due to police brutality, it was due to what Dyson calls a ″black-on-black crime″. I want to talk about this more because oftentimes within many other cultures, races, or ethnicities it is a war against one another rather than a community.)