Local health clinic.

Scenario #A:

Mike Spring presents to the local health clinic. He is a 35-year old man who has no history of chronic illness. His vital signs are normal with the exception of a slight increase in body temperature, 37.3 C (99.2 F). He denies shortness of breath. However, his nasal passages are congested, causing him to “mouth breathe.” Until this most recent illness, Mike had started efforts toward a healthier lifestyle and weight reduction. Mike is now jogging for exercise and taking vitamin tablets. He is diagnosed with acute sinusitis and the healthcare provider orders ciprofloxacin PO 500 mg twice daily for 10 days. Additional medications prescribed include nasal decongestion and a mild analgesic.

As Mike is leaving the health clinic, he comments that he is responsible for multiple corporate offices and will boon be traveling. He is worried about remembering to take the medication and admits to a history of non adherence to therapy regimens because he sometimes forgets to take medications.

This activity contains 3 questions:

  1. You are preparing a teaching handout for Mike that provides him with information about the antibiotic he is being prescribed. What information would you want to include.
  2. Mike asks you, the nurse, if he should continue jogging and taking vitamins. What would you advise?
  3. What tips can you provide someone who forgets to take scheduled medication?

Sean Seales is a 23 year old patient with Hodgkin’s lymphoma who is undergoing chemotherapy. He has experienced chills and fever with increasing fatigue for the past several days. Sean was assessed by his oncologist and was hospitalized for possible early sepsis. He is neutropenic and will be started on IV antibiotics and fluconazole (Diflucan) IV.

This activity contains 2 questions.

  1. Why was Sean started on both IV antibiotics and anti fungal medications?
  2. What possible adverse effects might Sean experience from the fluconazole (Diflucan)? As his nurse, what will you monitor?

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