Literacy Chat #2: The Big 5

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1) As we read in Chapters 2 and 3, oral language is the foundation for the essentials of reading; phonemic awareness, phonics (alphabetics), fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. See the images below to review the concept of the five essential components of reading.

The National Reading Panel has identified these five strands as being the building blocks of reading. If a student does not reach proficiency in and of these 5 areas, the foundation for reading would be weakened and a student may end up needing reading intervention during his or her years of schooling. The video below summarizes the concept being discussed.
The Five Strands of Reading – 2015 Master Teacher Training (Links to an external site.)
Captioned video: The Five Strands of Reading – 2015 Master Teacher Training, Part 1 (Links to an external site.)
2) Start a new post addressing the following topics
For each of the 5 elements of reading, answer the following questions:

What is one issue a struggling student may encounter within the realm of each element of reading?
In your opinion, what might be a possible reason for the deficiency or weakness?
What is one strategy that you can implement in order to help the student overcome this issue?
List one strategy for each element that you would use with English Learners to ensure that they become proficient with each of the Big 5!.

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4) Respond to two of your classmates.

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